Feb 19/14
Welcome to my blog page, it gives me the opportunity to share information on the Syrinx Concerts Toronto concert season. All three concerts this season have been exceptionally inspiring. To follow up with previous performers: Ishay Shaer performed Shostakovitch piano and trumpet concerto last January in Malaga, Spain, and continues his season in Poland, Israel, Italy, Peru and the Netherlands. Ilya has a heavy and busy schedule in Montreal teaching; he has performed recently in Europe and Russia.
Dorothy Sandler-Glick Artistic Director

Ilya Poletaev Feb 2/14
Ilya Poletaev was a wonderful ‘find’. I first heard him at a private home and was so impressed and extremely pleased when he consented to perform for Syrinx. Last October he performed at the COC lunchtime concerts and he played part of our programme so I knew what pleasure he would give us. And he did. All comments were so enthusiastic; “where did you find him?” and “You just hope that at least once in a lifetime you hear someone as thrilling as this!”

Ilya’s performance of the Rameau and the encore of Couperin really showed his special attention to this period of music. But then his Grieg and Schumann were absolutely beautiful. He is a wonderful combination of fine musical intellect and sensitive lyrical playing as well as great technical facility.

His performance of the Buczynski sonata #9 was extraordinary. Walter said he was on “cloud nine.” Technically difficult, rhythmical but also lyrical and emotional, the sonata expressed Walter’s more accessible and touching compositions. Carla Huhtanen’s surprise appearance at the end of the sonata lasted barely one minute; she is a wonderful soprano, full, lush sounds which added to the stunning performance of this sonata.

Pamina Quartet with Patricia Parr Jan 12/14
The Pamina Quartet with Patricia Parr joining them for the Dvorak piano quartet was anticipated with such enthusiasm it was not only “sold out” we had to turn people away! The comments were absolutely astounding. The audience seemed ecstatic and the bravos at the end and the standing ovation proved it! Obviously it was a really great success.

At the outset of each performance some musical ideas were offered and the prologue to the Kelly-Marie Murphy “This is my voice” was so appreciated. Listening to a new piece can be quite demanding but so many people said they understood and really enjoyed the piece due to a little explanation of what Murphy had intended to do.

What a pleasure to have Patricia Parr perform for us. The musicians really enjoyed working together and with Pat’s sophisticated and polished understanding and execution of the piece the Dvorak was brought to an extra high level of performance.

I am happy to say that Syrinx was able to hire Pat Parr to begin our series for next year.

Ishay Shaer Dec 8/13
What a privilege and a joy to have Ishay Shaer perform again for Syrinx, he will perform our opening concert December 8 for this 2013/14 season.
Ishay is considered one of the leading Israeli pianists of his generation, He has performed in numerous concerts throughout the world and has won both national and international prizes.  I was thrilled that he agreed to be part of the Syrinx 2011-12 concert season.
At the end of his first concert for Syrinx in April/12, everyone jumped up with loud bravos begging for encores. The CDs he had brought with him were taken, “gobbled up” so quickly that many had to be loaned out to those who hadn’t been able to get one. I knew I had to do whatever possible to have him return.

Last May I was able to attend his performance of the Ravel Concerto for Left Hand with the Jerusalem Philharmonic. It was an outstanding performance and the cadenza was performed with ultimate dexterity, musicianship and energy. I was thrilled and I was mesmerized by his interpretation: I have listened to several pianists’ performances of this work and this was amongst the very finest.

Since that first concert a year and half ago I have followed his career, read the various reviews and have had direct contact with some who were able to attend his concerts. He is reaching audiences all over the world now; the appreciation of the whole musician is very touching, very impressive.
As the Artistic director of Syrinx, responsible for inviting him, and extending our format to include an artist outside of Canada, I was overjoyed at his success.


Comments from the performance in 2012

Ishay Shaer has enormous talent; I have to–MUST- hear him perform again–soon! How soon can that be?” 

“He made a profound impression on all of us… with his wonderful ability to express this great music in a unaffected, sincere, serious, sensitive and intelligent way…and it could be no other way because those words appear to describe who he is personally.” 

“What an inspiring performance that was! When he started playing I could tell right away that Ishay’s playing had plenty of sensuality, intensity, and playfulness and that it was going to be an enjoyable performance. But it was way more than enjoyable…it was in the top three best concerts I’ve ever experienced!

What I found most inspiring was how much he seemed to enjoy playing. It all had so much life!”


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